Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quadcopter Project Overview

I've been bitten by the bug to build a small R/C quad copter. For those you who are not familiar with these air craft, watch the two following videos:

  These type of air craft fly by varying the speed of each of the motors to allow it to tilt to move while also making small adjustments to keep it from flipping over and falling out of the sky.  They constantly require very many small adjustments to keep them stable, so a processor acts to keep the aircraft stable while also responding to the flyer's inputs.

  I have a couple of goals with this project:

  1. Have fun 
  2. Build something I can fly with my other friends who do R/C aircraft
  3. Build the airframe from scratch, but I will be purchasing motors, propellors, etc...
  4. Do all of the controls programming from scratch using an Arduino
  5. Use the Arduino and sensors to make an inertial position tracking system
  6. Control the aircraft by by using the R/C control to move the desired location, the 'copter will then do it's best to reach the new location, and stay at the location.
  7. Eventually add magnetometer to add an additional external point of reference for navigating
  8. Eventually add a gps

  I will be writing more on the technical aspects of this project as I continue.


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